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Jeff Rabkin

Stillwater, MN

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I grew up in Cincinnati. love the chili. I came to Minnesota to attend the University of MN and studied Humanities. I lived in Minneapolis until Oct. 2020; now, out in Hudson, WI. I also own a former Amish farm where we grow medicinal herbs and host workshops. I also build a cordwood masonry writer's cabin that I rent on Airbnb.

I worked as a copywriter and creative director for two ad agencies on many brands, including General Mills, Target, Raddison Hotels. I started my little creative agency in 2003 and still operate it. However, I have no permanent staff and mostly do human-centered design consulting on a federal government contract and facilitate design sprints.

I have many interests, including cordwood masonry, coffee roasting, collage, cooking, organic farming, and making stupid stuff in my workshop. Ask me about the ukuleles in my barn.